Cake Prague on Obolon

This cake comes from childhood. Previously, when the variety of confectionery was less chic, it was mostly Napoleon or Prague that was cooked for the holiday. We will talk about the first in another article. But the Prague biscuit today is not only nostalgia, but also an excellent chocolate dessert, which will certainly be appreciated by the representatives of the younger generation. No wonder we liked him as a child!
Prague will appeal to both adults and children. Its light, elegant chocolate taste is perfectly set off by nuts and thick cream with condensed milk. An ideal dish for the most whimsical sweet tooth.

There are a few features of the Prague cake that we will talk about:
  • despite the fact that the dough of this product is more moist due to soda, it is better to moisten its cakes with liquor or cognac, half diluted with water, so that the pungent smell of alcohol does not spoil the dish;
  • add condensed milk equally to the dough and cream so that the taste of the confectionery is unforgettable;
  • the cream is made with cocoa, and the cakes are made with pure chocolate, which gives refinement and piquancy to Prague;
  • immediately after applying the filling, it is better to place chopped nuts between the cakes so that the cake is not only fat and chocolatey, but also crispy;
  • There are a lot of variations in decorating the dessert, but traditionally this is done using chocolate icing with the addition of a white chocolate pattern.
Cake Prague on Obolon

To prepare Prague, you need not the usual biscuit dough, but with the addition of soda slaked with vinegar, which makes the cake light and porous, and also easier to prepare.

The cream is based on butter and melted chocolate (100% cocoa), which gives the dessert a very rich sweet taste. For those who want to make the dish less greasy, we recommend using sour cream instead of butter.