Esterhazy cake on Obolon

A cake with the mysterious name Esterhazy is for those who love sweets and nuts, because it is made from hazelnuts and is distinguished by a symmetrical cobweb on the surface, lined with chocolate.

The cake, named after the Hungarian tycoon and politician, is based on the following ingredients:
  • ground almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts (you can use almond flour);
  • sugar;
  • egg whites;

Beat all products thoroughly and mix well. It is important to do this quickly so that the proteins do not fall off. If you bake a large number of cakes, we recommend making the dough each time immediately before baking. On average, there can be up to ten cakes for this confectionery.

For cream you will need:
  • butter;
  • egg yolks;
  • milk;
  • sugar;
  • caramelized hazelnuts (roasted in sugar).
Esterhazy cake on Obolon

Mix the yolks with sugar, add warmed milk and cook until a thick mass appears. Then boil the roasted nuts with sugar in a saucepan until caramel is obtained, grind in a food processor to a paste. Mix these products with whipped butter. The cream is ready.
You need to decorate Exterhazy with melted chocolate: grease the top cake with white, and lay out a spiral from the center to the edges with black, then draw “feathers” with a toothpick. The cake is ready.

Reference: The dessert got its name from the Hungarian diplomat Prince Pala Antal Esterházy, who made a political career during the Napoleonic Wars. He was one of the richest feudal lords in Hungary, advocated for its independence. During the revolution of 1848-1849, Esterhazy headed the Foreign Ministry. It was a protest movement aimed at establishing democracy and the national identity of the Hungarians. The revolution was suppressed with the help of Russia, since the latter saw a threat to its security in the self-identification of the Hungarians, their independence was postponed for another 70 years. Esterhazy resigned.