Cake Napoleon on Obolon

This delicacy is to the taste of all sweet lovers without exception. Despite the long and painstaking process of preparation, Napoleon cake – a dish we have loved since childhood – is in the arsenal of almost every housewife.

To cook Napoleon, you need to:
  • mix eggs, butter or margarine with flour, knead puff pastry, divide into 12 parts, roll into balls and refrigerate for 1-1.5 hours;
  • roll out each ball of dough, cut it into a rounded shape, but do not separate the trimmings from the main cake – we will need them for decoration – and send them to the oven in this form;
  • while one cake is baking, roll out the second one, because the dough is thin and cooks very quickly, so you need to make sure that the layers do not burn;
  • to prepare the cream, mix flour, sugar, eggs and milk, cook over low heat and add butter, then let the cream cool to room temperature;
  • beat the butter with a mixer and add the butter cream prepared earlier;
  • brush each cake with filling, then lightly press on the entire cake so that it is well distributed;
  • lubricate the sides and top of the dessert with cream and sprinkle with the rest of the cakes, crushed into crumbs with a rolling pin;
  • send the cake to spend the night in the refrigerator.
Cake Napoleon on Obolon

You can try this traditional Ukrainian dish at the Nikki cafe-restaurant or order it to be cooked at home. The dish is suitable for any holiday or ordinary home tea drinking.

It is still not known exactly where the name of this cake came from. In France, the birthplace of the commander Napoleon, this confection is called “a thousand layers” and was filled with jam. Some believe that this name comes from a corruption of the word “Neapolitan”. According to one version, the dish was invented in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, when chefs baked an unusual cake in honor of the centenary of the victory over Napoleon Bonaparte. To prepare this delicacy, triangular-shaped puff pastry and custard in milk and butter were then used.
Despite the mystery and mystery of origin, this dessert is incredibly popular to this day. Dessert will be appreciated by both adults and children.