Cake Medovik on Obolon

The delicate and mild taste of this confectionery will appeal to all lovers of sweets. Dessert cakes are soaked in honey, smeared with sour cream. Its light texture and melt-in-your-mouth filling have earned it the reputation of a truly popular and affordable delicacy that can be eaten every day.
The main advantage of the dessert is inexpensive ingredients that are easy to find in the store.

For Honey Cake you will need:
  • honey;
  • flour;
  • eggs;
  • margarine;
  • sugar;
  • soda;
  • butter;
  • fat sour cream (30% fat);
  • walnuts.
Cake Medovik on Obolon

To make it, you need to cook the cakes and make the filling. Add honey to the dough to make the cake fragrant and meet the name. Three tablespoons of this product is enough for a medium-sized cake. Baked honey layers are usually an appetizing ruddy color. For cream we use sour cream – the fatter, the better. Beat it with sugar, add vanilla, lemon zest, condensed milk or liquor. The filling is rich, fragrant, tasty. For complete readiness, the Medovik cakes should be well saturated with sour cream mixture; for this, the finished cake must be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.