Mocha cake on Obolon

This classic French cake will appeal to anyone who loves chocolate and coffee. The dessert is hearty and nutritious, ideal for those who want to taste something dense with coffee or tea.
Cream for impregnating biscuit cakes in it is made from a hot drink with the addition of coffee (or other) liquor, rum or cognac. But you can make a cake without adding alcohol. Taste.

When making a Mocha cake, Nikki confectioners use several secrets that they are happy to share with you. So, to make the cake better, you need:
  • calculate the number of ingredients for baking cakes, because they are heavy and only two are needed. To make the layers of the cake thicker, you need to increase the amount of products by 1.5-2 times, because the cakes of this confectionery do not rise high;
  • stroke the surface of the cream on the top cake with a wide hot knife so that the lubricant is better absorbed into the cake and evened out with the surface;
  • chocolate chips and decorative elements for decoration are best made on a plate first and only then transferred to the surface of the product.
Mocha Cake

It is worth knowing that Mocha is a heavy cake, its cakes are made from French butter biscuit, and the cream is made from butter and yolks, which makes the dessert very rich. Due to the content of coffee, its taste is very bright and catchy, with bitterness, and due to the content of fatty cream, it is very tight and dense. The cake is suitable for a home party and will decorate the table at any holiday. Will delight coffee lovers and those who love hearty desserts.